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Techni B. Wonder
City, State, Zip

Objective None Instead of an objective I like candidates to give a technical or professional summary that highlights their skills and strengths. This would include their computer skills.

The objective only acts to limit your alternatives. It is the first thing people will read and use to categorize you. If to overcome this you make it generic, it is now meaningless and taking up valuable space. It is only useful if you truly want to limit your opportunities.

Computer Skills (WMS – you can put these all in sentence form like Software – I could not get the formatting on the others to stretch out)

Software: Business Objects x.x, Facets x.x, ClearQuest, ClearCase, MS Sharepoint, Oracle Financials, Oracle Forms and Reports, Crystal Reports, TestDirector, Websphere, Apache, Visual Studio, Weblogic


C, Java, C++, Visual C++, JavaScript, RPG, PL/SQL,, VB x.x, HTML, COBOL,PERL, J2EE, Java EJB, XML, JSP


SQL Server x.x, MS Access, FoxPro, Oracle x.i, Erwin, PowerDesigner, Business Objects x.x, WebIntelligence x.x


Sun, IBM, VAX, AS400, Avaya S8100/S8700, Cisco Routers


Break your experience into appropriate categories. If your experience is classroom or at home use only, create this as a category. Apply the benefit/risk rule when including older technologies - if it is something you would never touch again, is there a benefit to including it? Maybe if a prospective company is converting from/to? Evaluate the risk; you could also get pigeon holed as a XXX programmer. Only you can decide if the risks are worth the potential gain.


Red Hot Coding Inc., (city unnecessary)

January 1996 - May 2010 (always combine dates to reflect the entire time you were there)

Well Understood Title (Using common titles means people will more readily relate to what you do)

  • Use bullets to describe your accomplishments, results, roles.

  • Make them action related and quantify the volume where it is a good selling point.

  • Think marketing: what made you stand out against someone performing the same job?

  • Use 4-6 bullets to describe each position.

  • You don't need to include every company and every position you've ever held. The last 3 jobs or 10-15 years is adequate. This is the experience that will really count in locating your next position. Include anything older if you've applied the benefit test and it will give you better odds over competitors being considered for this opportunity. Many times the older experience only adds risk - often unknown risk.

  • Only list items that can be verified and that you are prepared and proud to discuss.

Montana State University, BS Computer Science

University of Colorado, MBA

Do not list graduation dates. Never list your high school, unless of course the president of the company went to the same high school and she is reviewing your resume. You can list other education in progress or any other institution of higher learning. If the education is in progress, indicate expected completion date. Don't feel as if you must list every class or seminar you've ever attended; that is clutter. When in doubt, apply the benefit/risk rule.

Certifications & Training

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (date if w/in last 10 years)
Exchange v.x Networking
Window NT v.x SQL Server
TCP/IP Systems Management Server
Certified Oracle v.x professional
Sun v.x Certified

Project Management Certification PMP 2006-2009

Identification numbers should be included or offered

Professional Affiliations & Personal Interests

NT Users Group, President 2010

List professional groups only, if they are current and you are an active participating member. Be prepared to discuss how they have added value to your career. If they don't, why are you wasting your time? If you are active in a charitable organization, apply the benefit/risk test when including. You'd probably get the interview without it by this point - only you know the answer.

Personal interests can add interest to you as a person. There is some risk associated with listing them. You can put volunteer work here. This can also show you are a well-rounded person. Again, evaluate the risks.

Other Considerations

  • It is not necessary to indicate, "References available upon request." This is assumed and you should always be prepared. The more references the better and always indicate your relationship and how long you've known them. Have current contact information and permission to use the reference. You would be amazed at how many people do not have this seemingly simply task completed. You will rise above the pack.
  • Leave out your salary history or expectation until asked. When it does come up, be prepared with your best presentation, especially if you don't know their range. A fair response is always, "I will entertain your strongest offer."